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Certainty Herbicide (1.25 OZ)

Certainty Turf Herbicide controls tough weeds in residential and commercial turf.  In "warm" season turf, Certainty Turf Herbicide will control broadleaves, sedges and kyllinga.

Certainty Turf Herbicide is easy and flexible to use and has excellent control of both purple and yellow nutsedge. Certainty Turf Herbicide attacks nutsedge through broadcast applications or spot treatments.

With Certainty Turf Herbicide, you get the most complete package of turf safety, application flexibility and broad-spectrum weed control versus the competition.

Highly recommended to use Microyl Crop Oil Replacement with this product to increase effectiveness.

 Weeds controlled include (but are not limited to):

  • Barley, little 
  • Bedstraw, catchweed 
  • Bluegrass, annual (Poa annua)
  • Bluegrass, bulbous 
  • Bluegrass, roughstalk (Poa trivialis)
  • Burweed, lawn 
  • Buttercup 
  • Buttonweed
  • Chamber bitter 
  • Chickweed, common 
  • Clover, white 
  • Crowfootgrass 
  • Dallisgrass
  • Dandelion 
  • Fescue, tall 
  • Garlic, wild 
  • Geranium, Carolina 
  • Henbit
  • Ivy, ground 
  • Johnsongrass 
  • Kyllinga, false green 
  • Kyllinga, fragrant 
  • Kyllinga, green 
  • Lovegrass 
  • Mustard, wild 
  • Nutsedge, purple 
  • Nutsedge, yellow 
  • Pennycress, field 
  • Pennywort lawn
  • Quackgrass (suppression only)
  • Ryegrass, perennial 
  • Sedges, annual 
  • Sedge, globe 
  • Shepherd’s-purse 
  • Switchgrass 

**Please refer to the label for questions specific to this product.**

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