Diquat Aquatic Herbicide

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Diquat Aquatic Herbicide

Diquat aquatic herbicide is a fast-acting, non-selective herbicide that controls floating, submerged and marginal aquatic weeds, even in sensitive aquatic environments. In addition to this diquat is also ideal for non-selective weed control and burn-down in turf and landscapes.

  • It can be used along the edges and non-flooded areas of ponds, lakes, drainage ditches and canals.
  • Once applied, it diffuses rapidly through the cuticle and then throughout the leaf tissue of the weed. The first effects can be seen within an hour.
  • Complete control of floating vegetation occurs within one to five days, while submerged weeds require approximately five to 15 days for control.
  • Highly active, non-selective
  • Broadest spectrum aquatic herbicide available
  • Low use rates
  • Manages weed problems in aquatic, grounds maintenance and landscaping area

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