QuickSilver T&O Herbicide

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QuickSilver T&O Herbicide (8 OZ)

QuickSilver herbicide works by effectively inhibiting a key enzyme in moss chlorophyll production. What’s more, QuickSilver has been carefully formulated to be gentle on your turf. QuickSilver won’t harm creeping bentgrass greens and tees. 
      Active Ingredient Target Pests For Use In Application Rate Pet Safe EPA- Registration
      Carfentrazone-ethyl 21.3% Over 50 broad-leaf weeds: Black medic, Carpetweed, Henbit, Nightshade, Pigweed, Purslane, Wild buckwheat, Wild lettuce and others Commercial & Residential Cool & Warm-Season Turf-grass: Golf Courses, Hospitals, Libraries, Nursing Homes, Museums, Office Buildings, Schools, Sports Facilities
      Apply Quicksilver at rates of 1.0 to 2.1 fluid ounces of product per acre (0.023 to 0.048 fl. oz. per 1000 sq. ft.)  Yes  279-3265