Merit 2F Systemic Insecticide (Imidacloprid) 1 gallon

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Merit 2F Insecticide 

Merit 2F Insecticide is for the use of insect control on turfgrass, sod farms, fruit and nut trees, interior plantscapes, and ornamental landscapes. Active ingredient is Imidacloprid, it interferes with nerve impulses and disrupts insect behavior. Pests stop feeding, stop reproducing and eventually die. Merit 2F can also suppress chinch bugs and cutworms. It is a systemic product that will travel up the plant system from the roots

  • Broad-Spectrum systemic action
  • Outstanding preventive grub control
  • Long Residue activity
  • Wide application window
  • Controls all major grub species.
 USE  Billbugs, beetles, Bluegrass Weevil, cutworms, chinch bugs, June Bugs, Japanese beetle, Masked chafers, mealybug, white flies. See label for complete list.
TARGET PESTS Commercial and residential: outdoors and indoors. Lawns, playground, office building, athletic fields, sod farms