Mole Scram Professional Repellent - 22 Pound

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Mole Scram Professional Repellent

Mole Scram Professional repellent works two ways.  Using all natural ingredients, the repellent coats moles' food - worms and grubs - with a bad taste.  Other ingredients make mole tunnels and surrounding soil smell disagreeable to them.  These changes to mole's environment drive them out of the application area.

  • Professional grade high performance product proven to work
  • Easy to use - just apply; no spraying, no mixing
  • All season use
  • The mole repellent should be applied every 30 days
  • All natural product - DOES NOT HARM ANIMALS
  • No poisons or traps that kill
  • 22 lb. bucket covers 15,000 square feet

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