Goose Scram Professional Repellent - 22 Pound

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Goose Scram Professional Repellent

To manage geese damage to tolerable levels, while conserving the regional goose population and natural environment EPIC has developed Goose Scram Professional.  Goose Scram is an all natural granular goose repellent that won't harm animals or the environment.  It naturally deters the geese from the protected area keeping geese away for up to 25 days.  Continued reapplication will train the geese to find other areas to frequent, graze in and nest.
Goose Scram Pro provides strong repelling power without harming pets, people or the environment.  Use in open areas and other spaces of turn encroached by geese, near ponds, lakes, and river water edge, golf greens and directly in nesting areas.
  • Professional grade high performance product proven to work
  • Easy to use - just apply; no spraying, no mixing
  • All season use
  • The goose repellent should be applied every 25 days
  • All natural product - DOES NOT HARM ANIMALS
  • 22 lb. bucket covers 7,700 square feet

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