Herbicides: Post-Emergent/Weed Killers

Herbicides:  Post-Emergent/Weed Killers

Let's take a moment to note the difference between a pre-emergent herbicide and a post emergent herbicide. 

  • A pre-emergent herbicide is one that prevents weeds from coming up when applied at the correct time.  Some of the most common options for post emergent herbicides include Barricade, Prodiamine, Dithiopyr, Gallery (for ornamentals), and Ronstar (for non-residential). 
  • A post emergent herbicide is a herbicide designed to target and kill certain weeds.  There are also non-selective and selective post emergent herbicides. 
  • Non-selective means that it will kill everything, such as Roundup and Pramitol. 
  • A selective herbicide is one that targets certain weeds without harming the turf on the label.  

Make sure you check to see if the herbicide you choose is labeled safe on your turf grass.  Some examples of selective herbicides include Drive XLR8 (for crabgrass control), Prosedge (nutsedge control), Q-4 Plus (broadleaf, crabgrass, and nutsedge control), Triplet SF (broadleaf control), and Segment (nutsedge and grassy weed control).  These are just a few examples of the many different options that we offer.

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