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Greenworks Commercial is the leader in battery-powered outdoor power tools for landscaping professionals. An innovative, best-in-class 82-volt battery platform powers multiple tool systems, delivering the power and performance of comparable gas-powered tools without the mess, fumes and noise. Designed and manufactured by parent company, Sunrise Global Marketing, Greenworks Commercial products meet the demanding needs of landscaping professionals.

Powered by 82-volt battery technology, the complete line of commercial grade equipment delivers power and run-time equivalent to comparable gas-powered models.

Throughout the Commercial Line, the proprietary 82-volt battery combines with brushless, electric motor technology to provide best-in-class torque and product life with zero maintenance functionality. As a result of this innovative power plant, all products in the Greenworks Commercial Line are able to deliver best-in-class performance, while also reducing noise and vibration, and completely eliminating emissions.

“At Greenworks Commercial, our mission is to provide equipment with the power and dependability that landscaping professionals require every day, while eliminating the cost, smell, and inconvenience that burden users of gas-powered equipment,” said Chris Allen, President of Greenworks North America. “Every component of the new line from Greenworks Commercial has been engineered with the professional landscaper in mind, and we’re confident that these tools are capable of tackling even the toughest landscaping job.”

All Greenworks Commercial power equipment utilizes push button start technology, eliminating pull cords. This feature enhances convenience in all applications but is particularly noteworthy in the GBB600 Backpack Blower, allowing the user to go from full power to completely off, and back to full power without ever removing the Backpack Blower. Similarly, tree climbing professional arborists who choose the GS180 Chainsaw no longer have to leave their elevated position and return to the ground to restart their equipment.

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