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EXTERIS STRESSGARD 2.5 GALLON combines an SDHI active ingredient (fluopyram) with a proven Qol partner (trifloxystrobin) to deliver broad-spectrum disease control on golf greens, tees and fairways.

Thanks to dual-stacked formulation enhancements including Stressgard Formulation Technology, this product delivers increased plant health benefits along with improved turf quality.

It offers both preventative and curative activity to control key turfgrass diseases across a wide range of spray volumes. It dries and is absorbed quickly, and features properties that yields dew mitigation under certain conditions.

Exteris Stressgard has demonstrated excellent tank-mix compatibility with a number of other turf products (check label for complete list) making it simple to integrate into your current disease program.

Diseases controlled : Dollar Spot, Brown Patch, Gray Leaf Spot, Microdochium Patch, Leaf Spots (2ee), and more 

Active Ingredients : Fluopyram -- 1.19%, Trifloxystrobin -- 1.92% 

Rate : 1.5 - 6 oz per 1,000 sq.ft. (see product label)