pHAST CAL Enhanced Calcitic Lime (Generic for Solu-cal) - 50 LB

pHAST CAL Enhanced Calcitic Lime (Generic for Solu-cal) - 50 LB SALE

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HAST + CAL Enhanced Calcitic Lime

Benefits of pHast Cal -Fast-Acting Enhance Calcitic Lime:

Improving soil pH levels can improve your lawn's overall vigor and health.  Applying pHast Cal adds needed organics and calcium to improve:

  • Cationic Exchange Capacity (CEC)
  • Soil Organic Matter
  • Improved Calcium Levels

Other Benefits:

pHast Cal also includes bio-stimulants like Sea Kelp and Humic Acid for increased plant uptake of nutrients.  The restorative effects of kelp on plants is largely due to high levels of cytokinin, a natural growth hormone that promotes cell division in plants, resulting in root and shoot growth, improved photosynthesis and overall improvement in plant health.  All natural bio additives increase the population of soil microbes, which increase nutrient efficiency and build healthier soils that store nutrients for the plant.

To Maintain Soil pH:

  • 6 lbs/1000 SQ FT
  • Bag covers 8000 SQ FT

To Raise Soil pH:

  • 12.5 lbs/1000 SQ FT
  • Bag Covers 4000 SQ Ft