Rabbit Scram Professional Repellent



Rabbit Scram Professional, a proprieary blend of natural and organic ingredients is unique among other types of rabbit repellents.  Our biodegradable formula repels rabbits by fear with no bad odor.  Rabbit Scram stimulates a strong fear-based response emitting an odor that rabbits associate with their dead kin.  It repels the animal before they nibble on plants.  Rabbit Scram Professional repellent has no unpleasant odor to humans, but discourages the unwanted animals from returning to the protected area.  
  • Professonal grade high performance product proven to work
  • Easy to use - just sprinkle, no spraying
  • All season use
  • Lasts for a full 30 day cycle
  • All natural product - DOES NOT HARM ANIMALS
  • No poisons or traps that kill
  • 25 LB container will provide approximatley 1,180 linear feet of protective 22" strips (19,000 square feet)

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