RM43 Total Vegetation Control Herbicide

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RM43 43% Glyphosate plus Weed Preventer Total Vegetation Control herbicide is the choice to kill weeds or grasses and to keep them from coming back.  It can be used for complete control on baregrounds or spot control of other weeds, brush, and vines.  RM43 offers control of over 150 species of grasses, brush, weeds, trees, and vines for an entire season.  The product contains glyphosate to kill existing vegetation and imazapyr to prevent future growth of the labeled species.  RM43 should be used only where no vegetation growth is desired for up to one year.

  • Kills weeds & prevents weeds up to 1 year
  • Do not apply over the roots systems of desirable plants
  • 1 gallon treats up to 17,297 sq. ft. / 2.5 gallons treat up to 43,243 sq. ft.
  • Over 150 species labeled for control
  • Product is safe to use along fence line with grazing animals
  • Perfect product for fence lines, parking lots, cracks in pavement, driveways, & around buildings

Not for sale to the following states:  AK, HI

**Please refer to the label for questions specific to this product.**


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