Roundup Custom 53.8% Glyphosate for Aquatic & Terrestrial Use 2.5 gallons

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The Roundup Custom Aquatic Terrestrial Herbicide is a post-emergent, systematic herbicide with no residual soil activity. It gives broad-spectrum management of many perennial weeds, annual weeds, woody brush and trees. The active ingredient (Glyphosate) obstructs production of an enzyme in plants and microorganisms that are indispensable to the formation of specific amino acids. 

Active Ingredients Glyphosate-isopropylammonium 53.8%
Target Pests Bahiagrass, Barnyardgrass, Bluegrass, Chickweed, Crabgrass, Dwarf-dandelion, Foxtail, Goose-grass, Tall Fescue, Johnson-grass, Henbit, Morningglory, Nightshade, Purslane, Ragweed, Ryegrass, Spurge, Thistle, Witchgrass
For Use In  Aquatic, Crops, Non-Agricultural Crops, Industrial, Turf-grass, Ornamental, Forestry, Roadside
Application Rate Sedge is 2.3 fl oz per gallon of water
EPA Registration  524-343