RoundUp Promax 1.67 Gallon Jug

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Roundup ProMAX 1.67GAL

Roundup Pro Max is a non-selective post-emergent that controls a broad spectrum of weeds with virtually no re-growth. When RoundUp ProMAX is applied onto a weed, it is absorbed by the plant, where it then prevents the plant from attaining photosynthesis and gathering nutrients to sustain itself. Roundup is then transported throughout the weed to kill the entire weed down to the root.

Active Ingredients 
Target Pests  For Use In Application Rate Pet Safe EPA Registration
Glyphosate - 48.7% Annual Sowthistle, Annual Spurge, Bahiagrass, Barley, Bermudagrass, Bittercress, Blackgum, Blue Mustard, and more Residential, commercial, parks, and recreational 2oz of concentrate per gallon of Water Yes  524-579