Sencor 75 DF Herbicide

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Sencor 75 DF Herbicide (5 LB)

Sencor 75 offers highly effective control of tough weeds in dormant and actively growing bermudagrass turf. One post-emergent application of Sencor in the spring typically provides control through the fall.

Broad-spectrum weed control

  • Highly effective in control of goosegrass
  • Long-lasting control
  • Nonthreatening to established bermudagrass
  • Great tank-mix option

    Weeds controlled include (but are not limited to):

    • Annual bluegrass (Poa annua)
    • Bedstraw
    • Carpetweed
    • Chickweed
    • Corn speedwell
    • Goosegrass
    • Henbit
    • Littleseed canarygrass
    • Parsley-piert
    • Prostrate knotweed
    • Rabbitfootgrass
    • Red deadnettle
    • Shepherdspurse
    • Spotted spurge
    • Spur weed
    • White clover
    • Wild mustard

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