Speedzone Herbicide EW

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20 ounce
2.5 Gallon
Speed Zone applications have repeatedly controlled tough weeds like clover, plantain, ground ivy and spurge with a fast-acting cool-weather response exhibiting injury within hours. Contains an advanced chemistry for broadleaf weed control in turf. The mode of action inhibits a key enzyme in chlorophyll production. This causes cell membranes to rupture and rapidly disintegrate within hours. 

Active Ingredient 


Target Pests 
For Use in Rate Pet Safe EPA Registration
2,4-D, 2-ethylhexyl ester - 25.86% Mecoprop-p, DMA salt - 6.84% Dicamba, DMA salt - 1.91% Carfertrazone-ethyl - 0.57% Goosegrass, Nimblewill, Clover, Plantain, Ground ivy, Spurge, Dandelion, and other listed broadleaf weeds. Residential areas, Golf course fairways, aprons, and roughs, Commerical areas, Athletic fields, Sod farms Refer to label Yes 2217-1053