Super Trimec Herbicide

Super Trimec Herbicide
Super Trimec Herbicide
Super Trimec Herbicide
Super Trimec Herbicide

PBI Gordon

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Super Trimec Herbicide

Super Trimec was developed for the professional and provides rapid and thorough foliar absorption, making sudden rain less of a threat. Even after a freeze, Super Trimec will remain active and provide control when the weather warms up. Super Trimec enables you to start earlier in the season or extend your season later than most herbicides.  It is also one of the most cost-effective products on the market (1 Gallon will treat up to 4 acres).  Some of the features for Super Trimec include:

  • Low-odor formulation
  • Readily penetrates plant leaves
  • Specially formulated for cool-season grasses and certain warm-season grasses
  • Optimum cool-weather performance
  • Use in early spring, late fall, and for mid-summer spot treatments
  • Controls a wide range of tough broadleaf weeds: clover, spurge, oxalis, wild violet, wild onion, wild garlic and ground ivy
  • Provides rapid, visible signs such as stem twisting and leaf curling
  • Labeled for sod farm use
  • Highly recommended to use Precision Spreader Surfactant with this product to increase effectiveness.

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