T-NEX Plant Growth Regulator (generic Primo Maxx)




Containing the same active ingredient as PRIMO MAXX; T-NEX will make your course greener and reduce the number of mowings, saving labor, fuel, and time. Additionally, T-NEX is the perfect pre-stress conditioning choice for the coming season.

Some of the key features include:

  • Improves rich color, lateral stems and root mass development
  • Inhibits vertical shoot growth
  • Helps produce healthy, durable blades in turfgrass
  • Helps turf withstand the seasonal stresses
  • Odorless micro emulsion concentrate 

Grasses that it may retard the growth of include:

  • Bahiagrass
  • Fescue
  • Bentgrass
  • Kikuyugrass
  • Bermudagrass
  • Annual Bluegrass (Poa Annua)
  • Bluegrass
  • Ryegrass
  • St. Augustinegrass
  • Carpetgrass
  • Zoysiagrass


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