The Andersons CharX Organic Soil Amendment with Humic Acid and Biochar 40lb Bag

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Andersons - Humic DG CharX 30% Humic Acid 42.96% Wood Biochar - SGN 210 - 40 LB Bag

  • Humate may increase or enhance micronutrient uptake
  • Easy to apply spherical, uniform, low dust formulation
  • Can be blended with fertilizers or used alone
  • Self incorporates with irrigation or rainfall

40 LBS feeds 40,00 SQ FT (0.92 ACRE) at the LOW RATE
40 LBS feeds 20,000 SQ FT (0.46 ACRE) at the MEDIUM RATE
40 LBS feeds 10,000 SQ FT (0.23 ACRE) at the HIGH RATE

For best results, after application, water area with a minimum of 0.3” of water. Product will self-incorporate into coarse textured soils. Cold weather and/or cold water (lower than 45ºF / 7ºC) can result in slower particle dispersion.

Humic DG can be applied to all crops, including vegetable crops, row crops, herbs and field crops; trees; shrubs; vines; turf; ornamentals; nursery; xeriscaping; garden landscaping and potting soils.

    See Label for complete application instructions.