TransFilm Anti-Transpirant (2.5 Gallon)

PBI Gordon

Size:  2.5 Gallon


Winter can suck the moisture right out of turf and plants. But you can provide winter protection for plants with TransFilm® Anti-Transpirant. An emulsion of polyethylenes-polyterpenes, TransFilm coats leaf surfaces with a clear, glossy film that provides a water-impermeable layer to protect the plant and decrease the rate of transpiration.

A single application of TransFilm in late fall provides durable winter protection for plants, shrubs, trees, and golf greens. It prevents sunscald, windburn, and damage from salt air. A spring application helps reduce dew formation and leaf blade wetness.

TransFilm can also help protect plants, shrubs and sod by reducing transplant shock. A TransFilm application prior to transplanting helps the plant during the critical moisture stress periods when the root system cannot compensate for the amount of water lost by transpiration.

  • Protects plants to effectively reduce water loss
  • Protects the plant with a durable clear film
  • Provides winter protection for plants, trees, and shrubs
  • Protects golf greens from winter desiccation
  • Reduces dew formation on turfgrass and leaf blade wetness
  • Reduces transplant shock
  • Reduces water requirements during drought conditions
  • Extends the life of cut sod


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