Tupersan WP Herbicide

Tupersan WP Herbicide

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Tupersan WP Herbicide

May be used on newly seeded areas as well as on established turf - it can even be applied at the time of seeding without causing injury to germinating seedlings of most cool-season grasses.

This high degree of selectivity allows you to seed later in the spring when soil temperatures are warmer and more conducive to seed germination.

And because Tupersan is a sprayable formulation, you're not locked in with a particular fertilizer analysis, so you can adjust your fertilizer rate without affecting your pre-emergence rate.

This sprayable form of Tupersan is ideal for spot treating smaller areas where fertilizer is not needed.

Labeled for most major cool-season turf species, Tupersan provides highly effective pre-emergence control of smooth and large crabgrass, as well as controlling foxtail and barnyardgrass.

  • Highly effective crabgrass control
  • Labeled for use on bentgrass greens
  • Convenient sprayable formulation
  • Can be applied over newly seeded cool-season grasses
  • Eliminates bermudagrass encroachment onto bentgrass greens
  • Can be applied at time of seeding of many common cool-season grasses
  • Use in hydroseeding
  • Non-corrosive to equipment
  • Use in chemigation systems
  • Labeled for Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, bentgrass - most common cool-season grasses - and zoysia sprigs
  • Labeled for use on sod farms

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