Vole Scram Professional Repellent

Vole Scram Professional Repellent


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Vole Scram Professional Repellent

Vole Scram Professional is an organic, granular repellent used to reduce and eliminate voles (field mice) from lawn, turf and infested beds.  Vole Scram Professional will safely and naturally stop vole infestation when used as directed.  This product is a proprietary blend of all natural ingredients specifically designed to reduce & eliminate vole activity with both bad smell and taste.  Food tastes bad and their digestive system is disturbed.  Also, tunnels and surrounding soil become bad-smelling.  This is the only repellent specifically formulated just for voles! 
  • Professional grade high performance product proven to work
  • Easy to spread - just apply; no spraying, no mixing
  • All season use
  • The vole repellent should be applied every 30 days
  • All natural product - DOES NOT HARM ANIMALS
  • Labeled for Organic Gardening
  • No poisons or traps that kill
  • 22 lb. bucket covers 13,200 square feet

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