Zylam Liquid Insecticide

Zylam Liquid Insecticide

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Zylam Liquid Insecticide

Zylam® Liquid Systemic Insecticide is a new liquid formulation of dinotefuran, the latest generation of neonicotinoid insecticides. Zylam is the product of choice when you need “muscle in your tank” for out standing control of your damaging insects.

Zylam Liquid provides control of a broad spectrum of listed chewing and sucking insects including: scale – especially armored scales – aphids, borers, thrips, lace bugs, mealybugs and caterpillars. Used as a drench, soil injection or bark banding application, the highly soluble properties of Zylam Liquid promote movement from the vascular system into the intracellular tissue. This rapid systemic feature is the reason for the superior control of armored scales compared to many other systemic insecticides.

Translocation times vary based on the size of treated plants and environmental conditions. Insect control ranges from a few hours for small shrubs to a few weeks for large trees.

Zylam Liquid has translaminar activity. It moves through the leaf to control insects that hide on the underside of leaf surfaces providing control of listed pests for foliar applications.

  • Rapid plant uptake and translocation provides quick insect control
  • Works systemically with knockdown activity
  • Extended systemic activity
  • Offers translaminar and locally systemic control of foliar pests when applied to leaves
  • Ideal for soil drench, soil injection and bark banding applications
  • Low-odor formula

Pest controlled (but not limited to) include:

  • Scale
  • Bagworm
  • Lace Bug
  • Emerald Ash Borer
  • Hemlock Woolly Adeligid
  • Whiteflies
  • and many others

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