Improve Soil Health with One Easy Application

Improve Soil Health with One Easy Application

Samuel Barrick

Soil testing is one of the best ways of telling what your soil needs. When looking at your soil test results, apart from your macro-nutrients, look for your levels on CEC (cationic exchange capacity), OM (organic matter), and Calcium levels. 

These levels are one of the most important for your turfgrass or ornamentals to use available nutrients in the soil. Even if your macro levels look good, your plants may have trouble getting to these nutrients.


If you are low on any of these levels, applying pHast-cal Enhanced Calcitic Lime is the quickest and most efficient way of improving all of these levels. 

pHast-cal is Calcium Carbonate that is enhanced with 2% Humic Acid along with 1% Sea Kelp. This combination is very effective for helping soil microbes, organic matter in the soil, balancing out the pH level, and improving the cationic exchange capacity. 

If you are very low or having trouble in certain areas, try applying multiple times a year to bring up these levels.