SureGuard SC Herbicide: Flexible Option for Aquatic Use and Landscape Pre-Emergent

SureGuard SC Herbicide: Flexible Option for Aquatic Use and Landscape Pre-Emergent

Samuel Barrick

Have you ever sprayed Roundup® with lackluster results? SureGuard® SC is a unique product the promotes rapid herbicide uptake when combined with Roundup® or Finale® allowing for quick burndown and better translocation of herbicide. SureGuard® SC is a flexible option as it has pre-emergent effects along with aquatic weed control. 


SureGuard® SC’s Active Ingredients 

SureGuard® SC’s active ingredient is flumioxazin which can be safely applied to residential, commercial, golf courses, landscape ornamentals, and aquatic sites. 


SureGuard® SC As a Pre-emergent 

With long last effects, SureGuard® SC pre-emerges for up to 8 months on a single application. You can apply in the spring before weeds emerge and a second round in the fall to prevent winter annuals from developing. 

While SureGuard® SC can be applied in Landscape Bed areas, it should not be used as an over-the-top product as it can burn leaf tissue. Spraying right up to the edge of ornamentals will not harm them, only if the spray comes in contact with the plant leaf tissues. 

As mentioned above, SureGuard® SC enhances the killing power of Roundup® and Finale®. When spraying in combination with these products, make sure to cover the complete area that you are trying to cover when using as a pre-emergent. The whole mulch bed or bare area needs to be covered for best control. 

SureGuard® SC As an Aquatic Herbicide 

As an Aquatic Herbicide SureGuard® SC offers great control on surface weeds like duckweed, watermeal, water fern, and others. It needs to be applied to the foliage of the floating plants for best results. For subsurface aquatic weeds, a submerged trailing hose is suggested. This will give maximized control. 

When applying to a densely packed area of aquatic weed, be sure to only apply to sections at a time. Mass killing of weeds can reduce oxygen levels which can hurt or kill fish in the pond. 


SureGuard® SC offers great results and reduces the amount of time you must spray Landscape Areas per year to keep weeds controlled. Save Time and Money this year! 


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