Barricade DG Pre-emergent Application Rates

Barricade DG Pre-emergent Application Rates

Samuel Barrick

While application rates can vary depending on what you are trying to control and the type of turfgrass you are applying it on, Barricade DG can be applied easily. As always, read the label for the best information on how to apply the product and any restrictions. 


Application Rate 

As seen below, the application rate will vary. The first objective is to calculate the amount of Active Ingredient (ai) you are trying to apply. This will vary depending on what you are trying to control, what you are applying it on, and how many applications per year you will be applying. 

Since Barricade DG is most used as a pre-emergent for crabgrass, let's look at the options. Barricade DG can be applied as a single application or a split application. What’s the difference? A split application will provide longer control due to a later application during the season.  

When applying a split application, most lawncare professionals will split the rate in half. For the first application they might apply 1.8 lb of ai per 1,000 sq ft followed up by the same amount roughly 4-8 weeks after the initial application. 

Now if you are applying Barricade DG to a landscape bed or a bare ground area like a driveway or parking lot, a higher application of ai will provide better control. Be sure to check the label for yearly maximums.  

Barricade DG's label states that 7.2 lbs per 1000 sq ft is the yearly maximum. For the best control in non grassy areas, apply 3.6 lbs per 1000 sq ft in the spring (before soil temps reach 55 F for a week) followed up by the same amount in the fall (before soil temps fall below 70 F consistently). 


Spreader Setting 

With all of this active ingredient talk, how do you know how much product to put out? Thankfully Barricade DG has a simple chart to use for easily spreading it out at the correct rate. 

Be sure to use a properly calibrated spreader and apply at the number or letter according to the amount of ai you are trying to apply. 



Following these guides from the Barricade DG label will give you the best results. Keeping Barricade DG down consistently will prevent unwanted weeds from germinating and reduce the weed seed population over time. 

With Barricade DG being a pre-emergent, never apply where you are trying to seed, as it will prevent any seed from developing. Be sure to not disturb the soil where Barricade DG was applied as this will break the weed controlling barrier it creates.