Barricade DG Pre-emergent Instructions: When to Apply

Barricade DG Pre-emergent Instructions: When to Apply

Samuel Barrick

Application timing is essential for getting the best results out of Barricade DG. Knowing what you are trying to control will change when Barricade DG needs to be applied. For example, if you are trying to control crabgrass, Spring is the time of year to apply. If you are trying to control Poa Annua, a Fall application is required. 

Let’s break down application timing by weed type: 

Summer Annuals (including crabgrass, goosegrass, chickweed, lovegrass, ect) 

On the Barricade DG label, it includes a helpful crabgrass germination date graph that shows when the latest date to apply Barricade DG is in your zone. While this is a helpful graph, it is important to note that this is not always accurate as weather changes affect germination dates. For most summer annuals, watch for Soil Temperature levels to be at 55 F for 5-7 consecutive days. If this happens earlier then usually in your area, get that Barricade DG down! 


Winter Annuals (including Annual Bluegrass, Henbit, Speedwell, ect) 

Winter annuals grow a little different than their name suggests. Winter Annuals do the most growing during the fall and spring. Therefor the timing of your Barricade DG application is important. For controlling poa annua, apply before Soil Temperatures drop below 70 F. In the transition zone, this usually happens around the middle of September. There might be 80 F days, but nighttime temperature can affect soil temps. 

Perennials (including johnsongrass) 

For perennial weeds that seed out, timing is crucial to control it from spreading. Johnsongrass is an example of a summer perennial that will seed out during the summer growing months. Having Barricade DG down will prevent these from developing that year and having it down the next summer will kill most of the weed seed. 

With most things’ lawn related, it is about being consistent. Applying Barricade DG applications at the proper timing every year will reduce the weed pressure each year giving you the ability to achieve your lawn goals.