Where to Apply Barricade DG .48 Prodiamine: Lawn, Landscape, Bare Areas?

Where to Apply Barricade DG .48 Prodiamine: Lawn, Landscape, Bare Areas?

Samuel Barrick


Have you ever wondered where it is safe to apply Barricade DG? To better answer the question, it might be easier to say where you cannot apply it. Anywhere that you want seeds to germinate, don’t apply it. But like many herbicides, Barricade DG does have restrictions on sites that can be applied. Let’s look at the label for more info. 

Established Turf Grass (Excluding Golf Course Putting Greens) 

Established turfgrass areas can include sports fields, parks, golf courses, fields, and other areas. This does not include areas that are grazed or used for feeding livestock. 


Barricade DG is safe to apply to most turfgrass species including warm- and cool-season grasses. Be sure to calculate the application rate for the residual control to run out before reseeding in these areas. Barricade Herbicide has been shown to reduce root growth during spring green up in warm-season grasses, which does not kill these plants, but can slow the growth and recovery from injury time. 

Sod Farms 


Be sure to check the label for Tolerant Ornamentals when applying in Containers. Due to the root clipping of Barricade DG make sure these plants are established before first application. 

Field Grown and Landscape Ornamentals 

Barricade is safe for most Ornamentals even if applied directly to the plant. 

Established Perennial & Wildflower Plantings 

Non-Crop Areas on or Surrounding Managed Rights-Of-Way for Transportation Systems and Utilites  

This includes cracks in pavement, gravel areas, driveways, and many other areas where weeds are trying to be controlled from appearing 

Facilities Including Substations, Tankfarms, Pumping Stations, Parking & Storage Areas 

Ungrazed Fencerows 

Plants Grown for Cut Foliage Production and Christmas Tree Farms 


As you can see, Barricade DG can be applied in many areas. Be sure to refer to the label for application rates and areas to have the best results when applying Barricade DG.