Eagle 20EW: Fungicide with Systemic Protection and Curative Attributes

Eagle 20EW: Fungicide with Systemic Protection and Curative Attributes

Samuel Barrick

Looking for a good fungicide to use within a rotation throughout the growing season? Eagle 20EW, a group 3 fungicide, is a flexible solution that can be used anywhere from a golf course to a greenhouse. 

With systemic properties that last 10 to 14 days, Eagle 20EW can be used in rotation with many other fungicides to protect your lawn or ornamental plants from diseases like dollar spot, brown patch, grey leaf spot, and many others. 

What is a fungus? A fungus is a disease that can damage, prevent new growth, or kill plants. While there are exceptions, many lawn diseases come from excess moisture or moisture during warm nights. It is caused by pathogens naturally occurring in the soil or spread from other parts of the environment. 


Why Rotate Fungicide Products? 

Diseases can build resistance to the same group of fungicides over time. Systemic fungicides are more common to have resistance problems but are more commonly used because they are effective. To keep diseases from building resistance to fungicides it is important to rotate chemical classes to prevent fungicides from becoming unusable. 


Use As a Preventative or Curative? 

Eagle 20EW can be used both as a preventive or a curative. As a preventive, eagle can be applied by itself or in combination with other products like chlorothalonil for better control. Timing is critical for the best control method when preventing a disease from happening in the first place. Depending on the disease, watch for conditions that promote disease. For example, late evening moisture with 70°F nights are the best conditions for brown patch. 

As a curative, while Eagle 20EW is effective by itself, it can be combined with other products for more effective control. When controlling a disease, shorter application timings should be used to cure the turfgrass or landscape ornamentals of the disease. 



Application Rate & Use Sites 

Eagle 20EW is safe to apply on many landscape ornamentals and both warm- and cool-season grasses. It can be applied to landscape, greenhouse, nursery, non-residential turf, residential turf, fruit-bearing trees, and some fruit bearing vines like grapes. 

Myclobutanil, the active ingredient in Eagle 20EW, can be applied at 1-2.4 fl oz per 1000 sq ft on turfgrass and 6 to 12 fl oz per 100 gallons of water on landscape ornamentals. 

Please refer to the label for more information on spray applications and rates. 


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