Is Spraying a Pre-emergent Better than Granular?

Is Spraying a Pre-emergent Better than Granular?

Samuel Barrick

Spraying a pre-emergent is one of the most cost-effective ways of applying a pre-emergent, but is it a better option? Let’s break it down. 

Granular is quicker. When you take the time to fill your backpack sprayer with water (and refill if you have more than a few thousand square feet) or mixing up a 200-gallon skid tank you will be quicker spreading granular. 

But liquid does a better job of covering every square inch of soil. The particle size of a fertilizer with pre-emergent is about 220 sgn compared to a liquid application that is in the parts per million. This means that when you  


What about longevity? 

In my experience, granular do last longer than liquid versions, but the application rate will vary the longevity of the product. If you are applying a split application, you will not notice the difference between them. 


Which works quicker? 

Liquid pre-emergent activates once they are applied, while granular pre-emergents take time to breakdown and bond to soil particles. 


Either option will give you great results and keep crabgrass out. While there might be a better choice for a certain scenario, the best option is to apply what you are comfortable with. If you have had problems with crabgrass breakthrough in the past, even with a split-application, change it up and try a different version. 


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