FlowZone Cyclone Battery Powered Sprayer

FlowZone Cyclone Battery Powered Sprayer

Samuel Barrick

Have you started spraying your own lawn for weeds? Or trying to spray a liquid fertilizer, but not sure how to get started? Whatever you are trying to spray can be done with a pump sprayer, but for more consistent spraying pressure moving up to a battery-powered sprayer is the way to go. 

Not all battery-powered sprayers are built the same. As they have grown with popularity, many brands have produced various versions, but many of them leak over time or have battery problems. 

FlowZone has made a name for themselves in the marketplace for high-quality battery powered sprayers. With an extensive line of sprayers, one that stands out for turf professionals and homeowners is the Cyclone 2.5 Variable Pressure Battery Sprayer. 


Quick Facts 

4 Gallon Holding Capacity 

18-volt/2.6Ah Li-Ion Battery with LED Indicator Light 

Spray up to 15 full tanks with one battery charge 

5 Position Variable Pressure Knob – 8 to 60 PSI 

Quick Connect Attachments for Various Sprayer Heads 

25-foot Spray Distance 

ComfortStraps Backpack System 

0.25-0.48 GPM Flow Rate 


Why FlowZone Cyclone 

Cyclone Battery Powered Sprayers are a turf applicators best friend. Whether you are a homeowner or a large landscape company, Cyclone sprayers are an easy-to-use, dependable, and lightweight option to use on a lawn. 

The biggest benefit is the battery that lasts 15 backpack fulls per charge. Even if you are spot spraying all day, it will be hard to use up a full charge. FlowZone has recently come out with an adapter that allows for Milwaukee, Makita, or Dewalt batteries to be used on their sprayers. 

PSI Pressure Dial 

One of the best features of the FlowZone Cyclone sprayer is the adjustable psi pressure regulator. This 5-variable pressure system allows for various flow rates depending on the type of product you are applying. 

With fungicides, it is important to apply a higher volume of water per 1,000 sq. ft. then a herbicide. The variable pressure nob makes it easy to adjust to your needs. 

Waterproof Battery Cover 

With other battery powered sprayers on the market, the battery is susceptible to water damage due to leaking of the sprayer near battery placement areas. With Flowzone’s design, you do not have to worry about that. The battery is contained in a waterproof casing that is easy to access to remove battery, while also keeping it safe from water damage. 



FlowZone has a great 1 year warranty for parts and battery issues. Simply reach out to their support team for the warranty process and receive the correct parts to fix the problem. 


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