Professional Mole Scram: Best Way to Keep Moles Out of Your Garden or Lawn

Professional Mole Scram: Best Way to Keep Moles Out of Your Garden or Lawn

Samuel Barrick

Moles can be destructive to your garden in lawn as they tunnel through the top layer of the soil. Their tunneling creates air pockets in the soil which can reduce root structures harming or even killing the plants above. 

Mole also eats beneficial soil dwelling terrestrial invertebrate like earthworms which can have unwanted effects on soil health and decomposition processes. 

Professional Mole Scram to the Rescue  

Professional Mole Scram is one of the best solutions for keeping moles out of your lawn or garden due to the castor oil leaving smells and covering terrestrial invertebrates with an unpleasant taste to moles. Mole Scram is 100% Safe and can be used virtually anywhere to keep moles out. 

With a base of natural oils, it is completely safe for animals, pets, and humans to enter the area right after application. And can be used in Organic Gardening settings.


Active Ingredients 

Professional Moles Scram is a mixture of Caster Oil, Clove Oil, Citronella Oil, and Garlic Oil carried on Peanut Hulls. 

Use Rates and Longevity 

Apply 1 lb per 650 sq. Ft. with two applications over a two-week period. First application should be applied closest to the center of the area you want them out of and a second application should be applied to extend the barrier. 

After application water in for approximately 20 minutes. These two applications should last up to 45 days. 

Where to Use Pro Mole Scram? 

You can use Professional Mole Scram in your lawn, landscape, garden, commercial properties, sports fields, golf courses, parks, and many other areas. 

After you have successfully drove the moles out of your lawn, you can apply a preventive band application around your property at the beginning of the spring and the fall seasons. 


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