Merit 0.5 G: Control White Grubs Before They Become A Problem

Merit 0.5 G: Control White Grubs Before They Become A Problem

Samuel Barrick

Do you have problem areas in your lawn or places where moles just seem to always come? This may be due to the presence of White Grubs. 

Grubs are the main food source for many animals including moles, raccoons, and skunks. Preventing grubs from even showing up in your lawn is one of the best ways to prevent future damage to your lawn. 

Along with being a food source for animals, Grubs feed on the root system of plants. This will result in death or stress on the plant and is seen more apparently during dry spells.

Damage from a skunk is usually small deep holes like this all over the lawn.

How to Check for Grub 

The easiest way to check for grubs is to cut a patch of turf and fold it back to see the soil beneath. You will want to cut at least 2 inches deep into the soil for an accurate reading. Check in a few different areas especially damaged areas. 

Another sign that you probably have grubs is seeing June bugs flying around in your lawn. These are the adult form of many grubs in your soil.

How to Prevent Grubs 

Merit 0.5G makes it easy to keep grubs under control but timing is crucial. Apply Merit 0.5G before eggs have been laid by the June bug. 

If you are in the Southeast United States, it would be anytime between April and May. Merit has two-fold actions, first it control eggs from developing. Secondly, it leaves a bad tasting film on any active grubs in the soil, making them less desirable to Moles.  

If grubs do break through, which is unlikely, you can use a rescue product like Dylox to kill any active grubs. 

Merit 0.5G comes in a 30 lb bag and covers up 15,000 sq. ft. for excellent grub control. 


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